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Baldwin Updates...
August 10, 2018

Metal Detectors

To help ensure the safety of our students, the MPS Board of Education voted to place metal detectors in every middle and high school within our system.  Baldwin’s metal detector is now operational, and we will fully implement the following procedures Monday, August 13.

~The walk-through metal detector is at the gym door.  Students will place book bags and purses on the table adjacent to the metal detector.  In order to expedite the process, students should have all objects they might carry in pockets (change, keys, cell phones, etc.) in their book bag or purse before arriving at school. Teachers at the door will also search book bags and purses.
~If a student activates the metal detector, he/she will be asked again to remove all objects from his/her pockets again and walk through the metal detector again.  If the student activates the metal detector again, he/she will be scanned with a hand-held detector by a member of the school staff.  If no warning sounds are present the student will be allowed to go into the gym.  Any weapons (please see the list on p. 34 of the 2017-2018 Code of Student Behavior) will be confiscated, an office referral will be written, and law enforcement will be called.
~Students wanting to go to breakfast after going through the metal detector will take his/her book bag and go through the breezeway to the cafeteria.  There will be teachers along the way to the cafeteria.  Students will remain in the cafeteria until the 7:00 A.M. bell.
~Students in the gym will enter the main building through the breezeway when the 7:00 bell sounds.
~Students who arrive at school after 7:00 A.M. will enter through the front door of the school.  Each of these students will be scanned using a hand-held scanner and his/her book bag and/or purse will be searched.  Students must be in homeroom by 7:12 or will be counted as tardy.  A parent or guardian must sign in a student who is tardy to homeroom in the office.
~Please be mindful that if you choose to drop your student off at 7:00 or later, he/she may be late to homeroom.  A student is not considered “on time” just because he/she is in line to be checked at the door. Students must be in homeroom by 7:12 or will be counted as tardy.
Thank you in advance for your help and cooperation as we undertake these procedures.


Help Keep Our Students Safe! 

Picking Up or Dropping Off:  Some Rules to Follow on South McDonough
Following just a few rules in the morning and afternoon when dropping students off and picking up will ensure that we don’t have any accidents.

~First, remember that the entire block is a school zone—the speed limit is 15 miles per hour.  Don’t speed up just because your child is out of the car but maintain the 15 mph until you’re past the security guard directing traffic.
~Second rule:  Come as far down S. McDonough—all of the way to the front of the school, if possible—before pulling completely to the curb to let your child out of the car.  When you stop in front of the gym in the middle of the street, you block traffic all of the way back to High St.  Pulling down as far as you can allows other cars to get to the curb. Also, don’t angle your car towards the curb, leaving the back stuck in traffic.
~Third rule:  If you pull to the curb on the side of the street opposite the school, make sure your student walks down to the corner, allowing the security guard, Ms. Reese, to stop traffic and allow the student to cross safely. 
~Fourth:  Please have your student sit in the back seat and get out of the car on the side of the curb.  Opening a door into traffic is so dangerous.  You can’t always count on the other driving paying attention.
~Fifth:  Be courteous.  If you see someone is trying to get back into traffic from the curb, please stop and let them in.  Hopefully, that kindness will be returned to you.
~Sixth:  Try to get to school early.  The worst traffic is between 6:50 and 7:10.  The gym is open at 6:30, and the coaches, teachers, and assistant principal are on duty.
~Seventh:  In the afternoon during pick up, do not double park in front of the school.  You may not block the left- hand lane of S. McDonough St. in front of the school.
~Eighth:  Students, please have all of your things ready as you exit the car.  This will keep traffic moving.
~Ninth:  Thank you for your help.  We know you love your children, and so do we.  Let’s do whatever it takes to keep all of them safe!

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